Dr. Joseph Shaw

Professor, Montana State University
Director, Optical Technology Center

Ph.D. Optical Sciences, University of Arizona
Fellow - Optical Society of America
Fellow - SPIE

  I develop optical sensors and use them to explore the natural Earth environment. From infrared imaging of clouds to laser detection of fish, optical remote sensing helps answer intriguing scientific questions while providing fascinating engineering challenges.

Inquiries are welcomed from interested undergraduate students, graduate students, and potential collaborators.

Dr. Joseph A. Shaw
518 Cobleigh Hall
ECE Department
Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana 59717
jshaw at montana dot edu
office: 406-994-7261
lab:    406-994-7137
fax:    406-994-5958

updated 5 September 2013

    MSU Optical Technology Center

Data from my MSU weather station                                         hail storm on 2008 July 22

ECE Aurora Calling Tree                                                        temporary: zenith sky radiance plot                                 

Bozeman Optics Company Growth