Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC11

Fredrick M. Cady
Department of Electrical Engineering
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59715

New York Oxford
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-511046-3
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Errors in Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC11

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PageError CorrectionThanks
12Example 2-4: The comments for the indexed addressing examples should have parenthesis around the source operand to show indexed addressing:
LDAA   0,X   (ACCA) <- ((IX)+0)
LDAA   64,X  (ACCA) <- ((IX)+64)
LDD    64,X  (ACCD) <- ((IX)+64):((IX+65)
John Glover
17 The discussion on Example 3.1 states that line 0013 locates locates the program. It should read line 0012 locates the program. Jaime K. Mani
39Line 0005 in Example 4-1 should be:
LDAB $64 (B) <- ($0064)

58 Second to last sentence should read:
Example 4-32 shows how to use the ABY instruction to linearize a value input from the M68HC11 A/D converter.
Ronald J. Spencer, Jr.
63Example 4-36: The example 0.375/0.5 should show the dividend to be .0110, not .0100.

.0110             .1100
----- :      ----------
.1000   1000 )0110.0000
Eric Durant
66Table 4-9. The symbolic operation for the COMA instruction should show the A register being complemented, not the B register.Jack Borgeson
82Example 5-2 should read:
BF D000 D02F FF
instead of
BF D000 D02 FF
99 In Table 6-4, the instruction on line 0013 should be:
	bls	ELSE_PART	; Must use bls for unsigned data 
Ji Chen
105Example 6-6. Line 0029 should be lds #STACKTony Dreher
111Problem 6.6. The WHILE statement should be WHILE K1<K2.
171 The PPROG register should be equated:
PPROG     EQU     $103B
not $1028
Pam Yakymyshyn
179The bits for W1A15-W1A13 base address should show:
Window Size   Valid Boundary
   8K         Any 8K boundary $0000, $2000, $4000,...
   16K        Any 16K boundary $0000, $4000, $8000,...
   32K        May be $000, $8000

295In problem 6.5, line 002 should read:
0002   0000   b60012        ldaa   K1
Femi Babarinde
296Answer to problem 6.7 should be K1=2, K2=-2, K3=-2.Pam Yakymyshyn
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