Software and Hardware Engineering: Motorola M68HC12

Fredrick M. Cady
Department of Electrical Engineering
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59715

James M. Sibigtroth
Transportation Systems Group
Motorola, Inc.
Austin, TX

New York Oxford
Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-512469-3

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Author's Profiles

Fredrick M. Cady

James M. Sibigtroth

I earned my BSEE from the University of Illinois in 1974. Next I designed microprocessor-based traffic controllers for Eagle Signal in Davenport, Iowa and Austin, Texas for 4 years. In May 1978 I joined Motorola and initially worked on evaluation kits where I designed the M6802D2 and M6809D4 kits and wrote the monitor programs for them. In 1980 I joined the microprocessor group as a system designer. I defined the M68HC11 family and more recently the CPU12 instruction set. Other significant features of the 'HC12 that I contributed are the single-wire background debug system, the memory extension system with CALL and RTC instructions, fuzzy logic instructions, and a major overhaul of the indexed addressing modes.
I have 15 issued patents and have published 2 books and more than 50 magazine articles and conference papers. Some of my articles have been translated and published in Germany and Japan. Although my primary job is definition and design of new MCUs, I have also been involved in Motorola technical documentation and have "bootlegged" some of Motorolas's most popular low-cost evaluation boards including the M68HC11-EVBU and the new M68HC912B32-EVB.

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