Members of the MSU College of Engineering community approach all of their work with the following deeply held core values:

Life-long learning

The college is a community that believes in and fosters life-long learning in all of its members—undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. Life-long learning also extends beyond the college community to state and national constituencies.

Knowledge Discovery

At the heart of the college community’s activities are knowledge discovery and dissemination and the creativity that accompanies these activities. We believe that knowledge discovery informs and enriches the life-long learning of the entire college community.


We believe that collaboration and collegiality both inside and outside of our college community enrich all college activities.


The college is a community that welcomes and encourages diverse points of view and backgrounds, believing that this inclusiveness enriches our creative learning environment.


The College of Engineering community approaches all activities with a high degree of professionalism, working with integrity, honesty, and commitment to excellence.