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Graduate students from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering participate in the Composites Group.

Thesis copies may be obtained from the Montana State University - Bozeman Library or via email by contacting Daniel Samborsky by email (listed at bottom of this page) or at 406-994-3597. Most published papers are available in the and websites. Some papers are also available in pdf format under the publications section.


Current Composite Students

Name Degree Topic
Tiok Agastra PhD Manufacturing and Structural Performance
Jared Nelson PhD Effects of Defects
Matt Peterson PhD Effects of Defects
Tray Riddle PhD Effects of Defects
Edward Meehan MS Effects of Defects
Dan Guest MS Effects of Defects
Angela DiFronzo MS Environmental Effects
Tammy Ritchey MS Effects of Defects



Matriculated Graduate Students

Name Degree (year) Thesis Topic- (click link PDF)
Tim Wilson MS ME (07) Modeling of In-Plane and Interlaminar Fatigue Behavior of Glass and Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Jay Smith MS ME (07) Internal Damage Characterization of Composite Materials under Multi-Axial Loading
Rogier Nijssen PhD Aerospace Engineering (06) Delft University - The Netherlands Fatigue Life Prediction and Strength Degradation of Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Composites (Knowledge Centre Wind Turbine Materials and Constructions)
Aaron Collett MS ME (06) A Validation Study of the Montana State University
In-Plane Loader
Bryan Bundy MS ME (05) Carbon fiber extruded rods
Dan Mastbergen MS ME (04) Modeling pressure bag molding
Will Ritter MS ME (04) Energy methods and failures
Erik Larsen MS ME (04) Pressure bag molding
Tiok Agastra MS ChE (03) Mixed mode fracture
Dongfang Huang MS ME (03) Modeling composites
Lei Wang MS ChE (01) In-plane fiber waviness
Neil Wahl PhD ME (01) Spectrum fatigue of fiberglass
Aaron Cook MS ME (01) Fracture mechanics, impact
Russ Evertz MS ME (00) Balsa core closeouts/transitions
Scott Rossell MS ChE (00) RTM- flow modeling
Rob Morehead MS ME (00) T-section fatigue
Luke Turoski MS ME (00) Carbon fiber tow gaps in compression
Dallas Parkins MS ChE (00) Dry carbon tow testing
Mei Li MS ChE (00) Environmental effects on fiberglass
Daniel Samborsky MS CE (99) DOE/MSU Fatigue Database (I-beams, tubes, unidirectional, angle plies, gigacycle fatigue)
Aaron Sears MS ME (99) Sandwich panel buckling
Ricardo Orozco MS ChE (99) Fiberglass resin systems
Jon Skramstad MS ME (99) Composite manufacturing
Darrin Haugen MS ME (98) T-stiffener fracture
Kris Battleson MS ChE (98) Carbon fiber surfaces
Ethan Scott MS ChE (97) Fiberglass ply drops
Dell Humbert MS ChE (97) RTM flow modeling
Jinhua Bian MS ChE (96) Glass fiber coatings
David Combs MS ChE (95) Composite I-beam modeling
Guangxi Wei MS ChE (95) Fiberglass fatigue
Andrew Belinki MS ChE (94) Fiberglass fatigue
Chuck Hedley MS ChE (94) Resin transfer molding (RTM)
Rena Pan MS ChE (94) Fiberglass fatigue
Ramazan Kaharaman PhD ChE (93) Nicalon fiber interphase
Modayur Shrinivas MS ME (93) Matrix crack modeling
Richard Creed MS ChE (93) Fiberglass fatigue
Raj Shreeram MS ME (91) Ceramic bonded joints
Robert Reed MS ChE (91) Fiberglass fatigue
Joshi Magadi MS ME (90) Ceramic matrix cracking

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