Want to hear an 80,000 word thesis explained in 180 seconds?

You might think of it as a super-condensed, science-based Pecha Kucha.

Graduate students from across the College of Engineering are preparing to explain -- in just three minutes -- how their research might affect you.

Contestants must condense their research into a brief, engaging three-minute presentation for a non-specialist audience, using a single presentation slide.

Invite your friends to learn about research at MSU.

Friday, March 3, 2017

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Strand Union Building, Procrastinator Theater


Finalists Research Topic

Laura Dahl

The significance of clouds in our atmosphere

Utkarsh Goel

Changing perception with augmented reality

Matt Jackson

Algae cultivation using wastewater for generation of bioproducts and fuels

Drew Norton

Reducing leaky well emissions by growing biocement seals

Dinal Perera

NMR imaging and CFD modeling of fluid flow and heat transfer in phase change materials

Mike Roddewig

Hunting invasive lake trout with laser radar

Barkan Sidar

Growing human stomachs in the lab


Learn more about the competition at threeminutethesis.org.